About Mitchco

Mitchco International is a privately owned defense contractor focused on providing staffing and food service support to military facilities throughout the United States. We are based in Louisville, KY, and offer food service support to military facilities nationwide.

Our company was founded by Clarence E. Mitchell, a former captain in the US Army, over 25 years ago. He is an active and vital entity in the company, providing guidance, encouragement, leadership, and oversight for all procedures and operations.

Located on the military base, dining support groups respond to a wide range of meal requests. The traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are served as well as requested night meals and field chow.

Since 1993, Mitchco International has carried out one of the largest full food service contracts in the industry at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Additional food service contracts performed include Buckley AFB in Denver, Colorado, Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi, and the Bluegrass Challenge Academy at Fort Knox.

Currently, we are accepting Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for any military institution in the United States.

Contact us for more information about our military food services. We proudly serve military institutions throughout the United States.